Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most asked questions I regularly receive.

Who is the author of this website?

My name is Hans Christian Andersen, and I live in Denmark, in Northern Europe.

You can read a lot more about me on this about page.

Are you a spiritual teacher?

I do not see myself as a spiritual teacher. A message is flowing through me, so I am more like a messenger.

Some might call that a spiritual message.

I prefer to simply call it a message about freedom and liberation.

What is your core message?

You are not who you think you are.
Thoughts can never define who you are. Identification with thinking, creates a conceptual thought based “reality”.
Finding a sense of self in thinking has unavoidable unfavorable consequences. Waking up from this mental illusion sets you free, and liberates the life that you are.

Read more about my core message here.

Is this a religious message?

No, what I am doing here has nothing to do with religion. Traditional religions are belief systems.

In essence, my message points towards the absence of any belief system.

I am not saying that religion is a bad thing, all I am saying is, that what I do, is not religion.

Some might claim that what I am sharing is a kind of religion, but that is only because they are unable to see outside their own conceptual worldview.

Do you do live events?

I have done live events in Denmark for several years, but at this moment no international live events are scheduled.

At some stage, there will be international live events.

For more information, please visit the international events page.

Why is the English languages on this site sometimes strange?

All of the text on this site is translated by myself. I do this to the best of my ability, but the English language is not my native languages, so sometimes translations might be faulty.

If you spot a sentence with poor English languages, I will be very pleased, if you would be so kind, as to inform me about it.

Please do so on email:

How do I contact you?
What does your logo mean?

In essence, its just a play with forms.


The infinity symbol ∞ is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity.

My logo is a variant of the infinity symbol.

It is meant to symbolize, that the human being I appear as in this form, is the ripples on the surface of the infinite consciousnesses that I am.