Core message | A different kind of knowing

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a desert, alone, thirsty and hungry. All of a sudden, an angel appear, presenting you with two choices. On the one hand, you can choose actual physical food, and actual physical water, on the other hand, you can choose the words: Water, apple, bread, tomato etc. What do […]

What is the Ego narrative?

In spirituality and psychology the term ego is often mentioned. For different people the term ego has different meanings. I would like to clarify what I am pointing towards, when I use the word ego. Lately it seems, that I am increasingly unable to use the word ego solely. That is, the word ego in […]

The World is changing

The human being is right now undergoing a massive transformation, although on a global scale it’s still a minority, the numbers of humans that is undergoing this transformation is larger than ever. This transformation is powered by an internal revolution, only recognizable by those humans who are in the process. Billions of people are completely […]

Don’t expect me to be perfect

When people meets me for the first time, they often come with an expectation, that I somehow ought to be perfect in every aspect of living. This belief is often derived from the conviction that awakening from ego narrative automatically dissolves all human conditioning in one big flash, and if it doesn’t it’s not an […]

You cannot stop suffering

The very effort to try to stop suffering, is suffering. At one point, I was attending a meeting, where the speaker proclaimed, that he had stopped his own battle against suffering, and that he had thrown himself into life as it is. Just in front of me, two younger men was sitting, as I head […]

Would you still be here?

Would you still be here, if you had no name? If you had no job? if you had no money? if you had no fear? if you had no hope? if you had no anger? if you had no sorrow? if you had no language? if you had no thoughts? Perhaps you say no. If […]

Truth heals

There is an old saying, Truth hurts. This is a misunderstanding. Truth never hurts. Clinging to a lie hurts. So if you feel hurt, when exposed to truth, it is not the Truth that hurts, but the clinging to the lie that hurts. Truth heals, in fact Truth is the only thing that heals.

Seeing outside the box

Seeing outside the box, or perhaps I should say sensing outside the box. What do I refer to? What is this box that I am talking about? It’s a mental box, it’s a box your mind has created. The box consist of the ideas and assumptions about yourself and the world, that you are carrying […]