Artist | Buddha Art Prints

Besides my activities as a speaker and a writer, I am also an artist. I work with digital art, and often the motifs that I work with is the face of the Buddha, but I am not limiting myself to that. In reality you can find the Buddha everywhere, so nature is also a part of the motifs that I am creating.

In essence, all my artwork is designed to point towards stillness. That stillness that you potential will find inside yourself.

All prints are coated with matt water lacquer for protection and printed on 200 GSM CyclusOffset, natural white offset paper with its very own character. The paper accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine with – and support – the visual image.

With its special properties CyclusOffset can reproduce strikingly beautiful monochrome and full-color pictures and its excellent opacity allows for clear and legible reproduction of pictures.

Art prints are produced in limited editions of 5o copies per motif, and they are numbered in the lower left hand corner and signed in the lower right hand corner.

Prints is 348,- DKK each. I am shipping all over the World.

All prints are at this moment only being produced in the metric system size 50 cm x 70 cm. 50 cm x 70 cm equals approximately 19.685 x 27.559 inches.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :-)

Buddha motifs:

buddha-art-print-dark-0110 buddha-art-print-dark-0075buddha-art-print-light-0032buddha-art-print-light-0069

Orchids and Ocean boulder motifs:

orchids-art-print-7080 orchids-art-print-7078ocean-art-print-0111ocean-art-print-0087