About Hans Christian Andersen

Normally, one of the first questions I am asked is: “Are you related to the famous Danish writer?” -and the answer is no :-)

The name Hans Christian is a fairly common used first name combination in Denmark, and the last name Andersen too. So we are actually quite a bit of Hans Christian Andersen’s in Denmark :-)

Nevertheless, as a young man I was tired of all the comments I got all the time, but nowadays it doesn’t matter, cause after all, the name is just a label, and I don’t mind other peoples comments anymore.

hca-51webAs you have learned from the previous, I live in Denmark in the northern Europe. Born in 1965, and I guess that my story  – well at least up to a certain point, in many ways are similar to almost everybody else.

The short version is: For many years I was struggling to live up to all the expectations about life, that society taught me in my younger days. The result of this was, that I was almost constantly in a battle with life. At the time, I did not knew that that was what I was doing, I thought that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing – trying as hard as possible to “succeed” in life.

Strangely, as the years went on, and I actually did succeed in many areas of life, the expected prize: Happiness – did only very sporadically emerge.

Instead frustration grew, and eventually depression, fear and panic attacks hit me.

All of this went on, until one very beautiful evening in late November 2008, where it suddenly dawned on me, that who I am, has nothing to do with the thoughts that appear in the consciousness, I at the same moment realized that I am.

In that instant, identification with the story that was playing in consciousnesses dropped away.

For 6 month after that I was just wandering around in the forest and at the beach, marveling at nature, as was it the first time ever I had seen it.

Peace and tranquility…..

Later I saw that almost everybody else was running around, doing what I had done for so many years, frustrated and stressed, and I understood, that they too did not knew what they where doing, that they too where lost in a mental story about how life is supposed to be.

From that moment it was clear to me, that I had to point towards the possibility to awaken out of this mental mirage, and so I have been doing for the last 7 years in Denmark.

During 2015 I felt a pull towards expanding the writing and speaking to the English language. This means that I most likely will start translating some of my writings into English and also start making videos in English eventually.

What happens after that – I do not know…..

I wish you all the best.

Hans Christian Andersen
June 2015